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My channel originally developed for Cakewalk and audio production

Toys in the Attic

Live 2007 Harborfest

Toys in the Attic, Live in Oswego NY, for Harborfest 2007.  This video features the band in full form, and my good friend Steve Uehlin, who passed away in 2013.  

Matthew Balin - Lead Vocals
Steve Uehlin - Lead Guitar
Marv Hill - Drums
Rick Grabencamp - Bass
Me - Electric and Acoustic Guitars - Backup Vocals
Kimo Cortini - Keyboards

Television Composer

Writing with Gregory Nash

The Red Violin

Red Violin Gypsy Theme PDF Tab and Staff Transcription of the Red Violin Gypsy Theme 71.9 KB

Kinney Drugs Theme for "tHRiVE" featuring Alani Skye