I'm a Dad, Husband,  Dog petting Vegetarian  Yoga type who hangs out in my studio an awful lot.  I've been Recording, Touring, Teaching, Engineering  (Live and Studio) since the 1990's, and practicing music since the 80's.  There has not been 1 day where I haven't done something musical.    

In a nutshell I:

  • Write and release music for myself and others

  • Teach Guitar, Theory,  Production (Avid Pro Tools Cert courses)

  • Produce, Contribute tracks, mixes, and more for other artists, regional and national.  

  • Create Sonic Branding solutions and elevate broadcast production quality. 

  • Am one of the main house engineers at Upstate Concert Hall, and I've probably done your monitors once or twice. 

  • like what we all do, lets keep doing it. 


The full dirt

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