From the recording Artifiction Addiction

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Sneaking around leave out the back door
Don't want anyone to know
Pull the shades on the windows
I've giving up control
Letting myself go

Called in to work again today
why work in misery when
I can play with chemistry
Just a little will do
Like we used to
Me and you got catching up to do

I am the story of a man
still looking for a place
where I can learn to learn
from my own mistakes

Called up the friend nobody knows about
Gonna hook up around 1 oclock
Too old to be living like this yeah
Thats why I leave no witnesses
They let me back out just last week
But I still feel incomplete
That needle dug a hole inside me

(Tie it down)
I've never felt alive like this
(lift off now)
Gonna put myself back in orbit
(Judge me not)
When you find out the truth is
(If I admit)
Im living to drown in this