1. Fences

From the recording Artifiction Addiction

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Sittin and a reminiscin'
Bout all my Chameleonatin'
Wonderin' what it was
I was trying to prove

Seems I been Manipulatin
And a Hypocripolatin
Makin all my money
by changing up my colorin too

I admit its true
I need a brand new point of view
I spent alot of time on fences
Too afraid to choose
So to better my heartbeat
I put my own shoes on my feet
Instead of standing on them fences
Jump down and plant some seeds
Maybe Grow a little too

No more matriculatin
got a masters in pontificatin
Doctors in finding the mind I'm starting to lose

From all of this hemmin' and a hawin
Knightin' and a pawnin
in all this longin' and shortenin
I've lost my will to improve