Sonic Branding

Normally, to capture the attention of the end consumer, cement your brand identity in their mind, or stimulate recall, you’d have to run a 10, 15, or 30 second advertisement on a relevant channel to capture their attention. But sound is incredibly powerful because of the speed at which you can capture your audience’s attention and “cement” your brand in their mind.” - Gary Vaynerchuk - Entrepreneur

Gary Vaynerchuk

Each week more Americans listen to podcasts than have a Netflix account. Global smartphone shipments have declined over the last three years while headphone shipments have been consistently increasing since 2018. Mastercard’s own sonic branding begins with what they call a “comprehensive sound architecture.” This full melody in multiple versions for different cultures and uses, and even a five note “acceptance” sonic signature for completed transactions.” - Pavle Marinkovic

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Complete custom sonic branding Solution

Services Include: 

  1. Creation of effective, impactful branding song.
  2. Complete set of alternate mixes: i.e. (Instrumental mix, No percussion mix, etc), for use in different promotions
  3. 1 single 3-5 second company "Burst" sonic branding mark.
  4. Add on sound effects/Foley for web/app content 
  5. Loop-able Custom Compositions for "hold" line:  
  6. Instrumental cue music for video promotions.
  7. Voice Over for video productions
  8. Additional custom "mood" music compositions (Instrumental Background) for video production
  9. Revisit original composition to "re-imagine" it in a different genre. i.e. country mix, traditional mix

You will own all the rights to the all the audio and composition from inception to perpetuity. Never pay a licensing fee!